What can one possibly say when they hear the words, “You are so amazing”? Perhaps you hear them and when you do, you know exactly how to respond.

The very words “You are so amazing” leads me to such a place of humility and gratitude. During this time of deep reflection and after hearing the brilliant sermon by Rabbi Samantha Kahn delivered this past week, it seems those miraculous moments of being deeply observant have been incredibly helpful. In case you can’t see the video, her words challenged us to find five “Wow” Moments a day and savor them, for that is prayer. Recognizing and appreciating moments IS spiritual and a recognition of something so much greater than ones self.

The photo, well frankly, when I stopped to think about their lives, they are all amazing. They are the greeters, builders, risk takers, caregivers, security officers, cable fixers and they created or create a space for my life to flow. They may be the hidden hero in our needy time. They like most of those we encounter, are amazing. There is so much joy in just talking with the new encounters we make. We have no idea how we can bring a smile to someone that least expects recognition. And how many times do you hear someone do the same for you, just out of the blue? So if you know someone amazing, stop what you are doing and let them know, they may need to hear the words and feel your love.

As this country prepares for Hurricane Matthew, may we all come together and recognize that each person we meet is in harm’s way, at some moment in time. Maybe we can be that amazing person that is their hero, either knowingly or behind the scenes.

As for the #FiveWowMomentsMovement, warning, once you start, well just try it….