Wow, congrats to you Beyonce. You actually met Sarah Gish. She was so gracious as she described meeting you to our group of women. I am sure you know she created an on-line support group of women from every imagineable background  called the Fourth Friday Divas. This group of women communicate daily on real life issues and solutions. This group inspires, calls each other on bad behavior, is honest, caring and supportive. The group spans all age groups, religions, occupations and races. And the last Friday of each month we actually meet, socialize and learn about each other. I am sure Sarah can make sure you are invited to any of the Diva events. So far almost every woman I have met is a “Star” without the publicity.

Yes, Sarah has been a “creative” for as long as I can remember. Film, music, art, networking, marketing, jewelry making, cars, parades, women’s studies, child raising, wife tips, caring, community advocate, and she SHARES her gifts. She is not threatened by other women, rather ensures we all meet to create a collaborative energy where we live and work. We get one another through life and death, marriage and divorce, health and disease. Those that do not like the discussions or feel as though their side was not taken have left the group. You see, Sarah has strong opinions, but also has stronger ears and a magnificent heart. For her and the rest of the Divas, that seems to be the theme. And yes, some “BIG NAMES” have been in the group and seem to have moved on and forgotten the rest of us.

Sarah has never forgotten the who or what of HOW she is where she is. Funny she described you in the same way. Maybe you need a group like the Fourth friday Divas. Sarah can facilitate the process or any of the Divas. (The best part of the group, it is not restricted or exclusive, just like Sarah). In fact, it is why I am the biggest Fan of Sarah; when few would help with the AIDS epidemic in this city, Sarah ran the Greenway and did a movie premiere of Jeffrey as a benefit for an agency I was involved with. She heard the begging for help and just smiled and said, DONE! I am positive there are thousands of how Sarah Gish helped stories.

By the way, I am glad you noticed Sarah’s earrings and necklace Beyonce. Yes, she made those and like most artists I know, she is just refining her passions to turn it into a business venture. Now, here is a thought, economy is broken? Mass produce earrings locally with recycled materials. Since you and Sarah met, I am certain you know all of this about the amazing talent of our local Diva? Funny how we all believe that we need to spend a lot of money and time on marketing ourselves and business. Well, MAYBE there is something to be said for Right Place, Right Time. There you two were in a space and time and a connection that had to have impacted you both. Now what? How many times do we all miss the Right Place, Right Time opportunity.

Why was Sarah at the event with you? In her words to our Divas Group:

“With all that said, UH Women’s Studies does amazing programs – every bit as good as yesterday’s – so I hope you’ll join them by hopping online and becoming a paying member.  Upcoming events include an “Un-Dead Living Archives” tour of Glenwood  Cemetery on 10/19, “Living Archives” with Joanne King Herring on 10/25, and their annual “Table Talk” fundraiser on 2/29/12.

Many Divas are members and on the Board – Susana Monteverde is the Board President, Elizabeth Gregory is the Director, MaryScott Hagle is a Board member and past Prez, plus Kim Howard, Janis Scott, Shannon Buggs.” is what she disclosed to the Divas.

Yes, she was in the Right Place at the Right Time doing the Right Thing…making a difference in every moment of her day. And that night she showed this picture to her son which allowed her to teach him a life lesson. “I had to have a talk with Matthew about famous people — that it matters more what’s inside than outside and that what struck me was the Beyonce and Tina and their family really were NICE people. And as Tina Knowles said, “When you give back, you get.” Also, I talked to him about how we can’t get our self-esteem from meeting someone famous — that we need to know that we shine without that experience. Of course, meeting people like Beyonce IS inspiring so now I’ll use that moment to continue to encourage myself and others. And, I tell you what, after seeing the mayhem and bedlam she goes through as a super famous person, I DO NOT want to be super famous (never did really, but now it’s confirmed!).

What she did not tell her son is, Matthew, you know when we go anywhere in town and someone always knows me and you say, “Mom, everyone knows you?” She chose Beyonce as the example. The funny thing is Sarah KNOWS everyone and vice versa if they have been in her sphere of influence. She is a Diva that chooses to bring people together and do great work. If there was every a right place, right time encounter, Beyonce you had it. I look forward to you partnering with Sarah and creating the new jewelry line. Let the name of the jewelry line contest begin! Like Sarah always tells us: Put it out there ladies.”

Beyonce, per her favorite quote on her Facebook Page, maybe you really want to meet and spend real time with Sarah Gish as she can truly be an amazing business partner. One never knows if and when you will see this, but hey, Sarah Gish deserves a BIG PUBLIC shoutout! Spread the news Divas and let’s see…….

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being. ~Goethe